USPS is dying...in more than one ways

Turns out, there was a plan in April to send 650 million masks to Americans via USPS. Which could've saved thousands of lives (and help convince the MAGA idiots to take the pandemic seriously) - which made it a bad idea for Trump - so Trump's WH shut the plan down. The blood on Trump's small hands are getting redder and thicker everyday.

Meanwhile, his crony Louis DeJoy has been working hard to fuck over the USPS and the election integrity in the process. Yesterday, a federal judge ruled to reverse the changes DeJoy has made (like removing sorting-machines to intentionally cause delays). This is a good news, but the bad news is many sorting machines have already been discarded or sold.

USPS workers, on top of having to deal with an asshole boss, are suffering heavy from the pandemic. USPS does NOT have structure plans for the safety of its workers such as testing and temperature checking. As a result, more than 50,000 USPS workers had to take time off for Covid-related reasons and 83 of them have died from Covid.

"Government's corrupt, police force corrupt, education's corrupt, it's all fucked up." - Kurupt / Kuruption

Trump said Covid was a good thing bcuz...

He wouldn't have to shake hands with all the "disgusting people" at his rallies and public events. This is coming from Olivia Troye, who until July worked as Mike Pence's top aide on the WH Covid task force. A man with small hands having insecurities about shaking people's hands? Not 100% surprising. What's still mind-boggling is Trump being a God-like figure to his supporters when it's clear he doesn't give a fuck about them. The way they willingly submit themselves to Trump kinda shows us why they believe slavery was a choice, though.


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