Trump clout chasin'

The former reality TV host and current Walter Reed guest requested to be discharged from the hospital yesterday (mainly because he was bored) - forcing the docs to let him take a lil joy ride for clout as a compromise and in the process put the SS agents' well-being in danger. This is yet another evidence that the only person Trump cares about is himself and himself only (maybe Ivanka).

Trump, on more drugs than lil baby and future combined, went on a Kanye-like tweetstorm this morning and now expected to be back at the WH as early as later today. At this point, we don't even care where he's at - just hope he stays positive for a long time.

"Stop clout chasin' ho!" - City Girls

Who else is positive?

Kayleigh McEnany, the WH press secretary, became the latest member of the Rose Garden massacre drama. The WH became such a Covid hotspot now there's a whole Wikipedia entry called "White House COVID-19 outbreak".

Again, thoughts, prayers, bleaches, and UV lights go out to all of the affected and hope they stay positive in these uncertain times.

Exxon's carbon dreams

A new leak revealed that Exxon is going to INCREASE its CO2 emissions by as much as the entire output of Greece by 2025. Meanwhile, Cali is getting burnt to the ground....


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