Dutch Tulip Financial is the design side of DTFpost – a newsletter about the things we shouldn’t let slide in politics, environment, tech, race relations and finance.


Inspired by the Dutch tulip mania of 1637, the first recorded speculative bubble, we created an imaginary financial institution to use it as a vehicle to convey our ideas using clothing as a medium.


We recognize the power of money as the motivator for a lot of our social ills and wanted the Dutch tulip name to reflect the exploitive nature of extreme capitalism and the volatility of hype culture.


On the flip-side, we aim to envision scenarios where money plays the role of facilitator for new developments that would advance the human race as well. Plus, we didn’t mind that the acronym happened to be DTF.


Although we don't actually provide financial services, we adopted from the finance world the event-driven approaches as our design decisions are informed by and reflect current events and contemporary culture.


We will donate a portion of the proceeds to two organizations that work hard for the causes we believe in - CREW, the watchdog non-profit whose goal is to reduce the influence of money in politics and ICIJ, the Pulitzer prize winning non-profit that supports investigative journalists worldwide.


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