Climate Arsonist

Westcoast is burning from SoCal to all the way up to Portland - which just became the city with the worst air quality in the world. Trump's dishonest ass was in Cali yesterday (LA and SF are #6 and #7 on the worst air quality city list) and casually said, of course without any evidence, that "it'll start getting cooler" and that he doesn't think "science knows" why wildfires are ravaging the American West.

Trump's been disastrous on environment and we're now seeing the effects of his backwards policies and inaction in real time. Yesterday Biden called out Trump and labeled him 'Climate Arsonist' that will accelerate the destruction if given another 4 year occupancy at the WH.

Meanwhile, 3.2M acres of land have burned so far in Cali - the size of Connecticut and the weather conditions aren't forecasted to get better anytime soon.

Mass Hysterectomies happend at ICE detention center

At an ICE detention center in Georgia, mass hysterectomies were performed on detainees. Just pure plain unadulterated evil.

Nikola admits its electric truck demo was just rolling downhill

EV maker Nikola admitted that its demo of fully electric truck was it just rolling downhill.

Failing upwards is real for some folks. Nikola's founder Trevor Milton nonetheless caked up from fraud demo and is now worth $1bil. Or is he gonna be the next Elizabeth Holmes? We shall see.

"Pretend to be the originator, fake it till they make it" - Curren$y / Callin'

Meet the Satanic-Transsexual-Anarchist NH GOP Sheriff nominee

Aria DiMezzo says she ran to show how uninformed and clueless the avg voters are and had her info and what she stands for available for everyone to see.

Mission Complete.