want to denormalize...

I’d like to denormalize the idea of celebrity. Especially in today’s age. I feel it’s gotten out of hand since the birth of social media and you can see how it’s started affecting so many people. There’s a huge sense of entitlement across these platforms that can isolate others and create a sense of loneliness and unworthiness. I think it only exacerbates people’s anxiety when they’re constantly subjected to it. 


I want to normalize...

I’d like to normalize conversations about anxiety and depression. It’s more prevalent than ever before, especially amongst younger age groups. These two things obviously go hand in hand and it needs to be addressed – and people should feel comfortable speaking up about it. A lot of younger people lack basic conversation/interpersonal skills as they’re always glued to their phones and struggle to have real, genuine relationships. That in itself is creating huge, widespread issues.


Wynne is...

Rory Andrew (@wynne) is a Grammy Nominated, platinum selling songwriter, artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

As a songwriter and producer, Rory’s songs have been released by major artists such as ODESZA, Machine Gun Kelly, Jaden Smith, Lennon Stella, Goldlink, August 08 (88 Rising), Two Door Cinema Club, Mike Shinoda, NCT 17 to name a few.

Rory’s original compositions have appeared in many TV shows and films. Most recently, Rory composed an original piece in Guillermo Del Toro’s critically acclaimed film, The Shape of Water, which recently garnered 7 Golden Globe nominations and four Oscar wins.