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Tia Hill Tia Hill

want to denormalize...

I want to denormalize the idea that to be “cool”, you have to imitate what you see on social media or be something you’re not. That’s so boring! It’s ok to just chill, be yourself, like what you like, and be confident about it. 


I want to normalize...

I want to normalize being your true, authentic self, especially for black girls. Whether it’s how we wear our hair, how we act, or just what we like, it’s important to me to show other black girls that it’s ok to be who you are and stay 100% true to yourself.


Tia Hill is...

Tia Hill (@tortiachips.jpg) is a host and video producer at Genius, based in Brooklyn, NY. In her spare time, she does standup comedy and hosts her own podcast, 200 And Counting.