DTF Post

DTFPost, the media side of Dutch Tulip Financial, focuses on a singular theme - #denormalize the abnormal. We send you daily mixtapes of the news that we should not let slide.


By calling out the things that should be denormalized and championing new ideas that should take the place of status quo, we aim to spark the minds of the people who will go on to change the world.


We are for those who refuse to get punchdrunk by the constant barrage of bullshit. Because apathy and cynicism only mean subbing us out of the game and allowing the powers that be to act more recklessly – which leads to more bullshit.


We will keep our mixes to-the-point with relevant context so that you can be informed without wasting time. Also you'll get 10% off your first order when you sign up.


So join the movement and let's rage, rage against the dying of light.