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Sarah Kim Sarah Kim

I want to denormalize...

Our contemporary culture's framework for success and failure. Many of us labor under a prevailing, toxic positivity that insists that success happens to those who work hard while failure is a consequence of having the wrong attitude or a lack of ambition. We need to recognize that success is more often the outcome of our society's structural conditions and its uneven scales of class, race, and gender.


I want to normalize...

Failure and other acts of unbecoming, unraveling, and unknowing. We're hardwired to think of success and progress as a linear, orderly, and forward march. But I think there's value in losing your way, getting turned around, pausing, and starting over again. It's when you give into uncertainty and let go of the desire to calculate and control everything that the boundaries of the self extend in unforeseen ways and that more surprising and alternate ways of being in the world emerge.


Sarah Kim is...

Sarah (@srhkim) is Korean-American, a Los Angeles native, and a former Brooklyn resident of five years. After quitting her job in fashion to explore other possibilities, she moved back to her hometown last summer. She will return to the East Coast this fall to pursue her masters in architecture at Yale.