I want to denormalize...

If I had the power to denormalize anything it would be the idea that men have to withhold their emotions. I feel like too many men compress how they feel on a daily basis to keep a hard exterior. To always look unbothered or moved. From work to relationships men tend to hold their griefs. Which can lead to a number of mental and even physical problems.


I want to normalize...

We should normalize that idea of women lead households. Even though most people grow up in a home where we see our mothers sacrificing a lot. In society, the status quo of the leader in a household is still giving to men. Women have been at the forefront statistically for a long time. I think this is the moment where society should give women the role of the leader without any judgment or malice.


Samuel in his own words...

I was born in Nigeria and raised in Brooklyn NY since the age of 4. I’ve grown very fond of the color orange. It’s become the leading note when people see me. Since about 16 I’ve been playing the guitar and piano. Also around that age, I began my path in photography also. I have two younger brothers. I’m the oldest of three. My passion right now is music. From producing to rapping. It’s something I truly enjoy. My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream and before the color orange, red was my favorite color. My goal in life is to use the skills I have to show the world a better place through music, images, and actions.