I want to denormalize...

I want to denormalize domestic abuse and the heteronormative narrative in media and television. No matter the pairing of couples, straight, gay, lesbian, or queer, I have yet to come across mainstream media that depicts healthy relationships. Contrary to popular belief healthy disagreements, breakups, compromises, and communication are real and necessary when it comes to devoting oneself to another’s or one’s own spiritual growth.

Not only are the archetypes of these relationships predictable, but viewers consciously romanticize the abuse while subconsciously reenacting abusive behaviors in the name of “love”. Queer characters on television are not void of this violence either. Many queer relationships have an air of heteronormativity, they are queer presenting but not queer minded. Queerness is more than sexuality, it is a framework that in my working definition, provides a third space in a binary society. It does not take two same sex or non binary people to engage in a queer relationship. If we all choose to exist outside of the hierarchy of heteronormativity, we can all take part in the queering of love.

Then I ask you, what would romantic relationships portrayed in media and television look like if the motive was to heal viewers? It is only then that we can redirect our energy from celebrity culture back to heritage practices.


I want to normalize...

I want to normalize the courageous act of healing. Best and easiest done if one decides to abide by bell hooks' definition of “living with a love ethic,” healing is something that can be incorporated into every moment the human has breathing on earth. Matter of fact, healing, like trauma, is an ancestral trinket we collect like a participation badge of life, and imagine if our closet was filled with trophies, trophies, trophies so high we couldn’t even remember what lay behind them.


Lucky is...

Lucky (@garbanzofrijole) is not a writer, Lucky is an archivist of contemporary history. Lucky is a time traveler and time bender who uses intuition as their time machine. The history recorded is specific to her experience yet not limited to her, but a collective consciousness. Even though you may see her as black, she asks you to visualize her beyond the identities placed upon her under a white supremacist framework. When you read her work she asks you to read from your spirit which is beyond any color that is white or black. She asks you to read from your purple, your blue, your yellow, or orange. To peel yourself back and let her words make you a new skin.