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Jessica Wu Jessica Wu

I want to denormalize...

I want to denormalize overworking. There is only so much one can do without ending up burnt out or hitting a wall. I think New Yorkers (and their employers) have an expectation that more is best - I don't think that less is better either, but it certainly is about balance. Members of my family, and I myself, have unfortunately experienced firsthand the destructive effects of stress from overworking, specifically on bodily health, and I simply don't want it to be repeated.


I want to normalize...

I want to normalize everyday conversations about menstruation. On the national scale, what we have is a body of people, largely men, who have a finite understanding of women's health, dictating what the opposite sex can and cannot do with their own bodies. If the dialogue surrounding reproductive health and women's rights in this country stemmed from a place of proper education, collective empathy, and respect, I think we would be far better off than we currently are.


Jessica Wu is...

Jessica Wu (@jessicazwu) is a model, the Press Director for Peter Do, and founder of Period Space, an online forum for menstrual and reproductive health.