Havva & Ali Mustafa


We want to denormalize...

Failure as a complete negative. Failure should be seen as a lesson that helps build character and guide you. The idea that we should have immediate success at every situation is an unhealthy and implausible view.


We want to normalize...

Being an individual. You don’t need to put yourself in class or group. Individuality is what makes all of us unique so there’s no need for people to hide themselves behind an ‘identity’ that they feel will allow them to be accepted.


Havva & Ali Mustafa are...

Designer, Havva Mustafa and co-creator brother, Ali, launched HAVVA the luxury footwear brand after growing up in a family of third-generation traditional Turkish footwear artisans and designers. The duo has worked to marry the careful crafting and handmade details they’ve learned since childhood with their passion for streetwear and the edge of youth culture.

In addition to their label, Havva currently moonlights as one of the leading footwear design teachers in the UK at the prestigious, Central Saint Martins + London College Of Fashion- University of the Arts.  She has also taught many well-known designers including Julia Nodaleto and Jennifer Chamandi. Havva and Ali's father is also a popular teacher at LCF, focused on the technical side of shoemaking, so footwear is truly a family affair! The small-batch, waste-conscious collection is made in Turkey in a family-owned factory as well.

The label has featured in a number of industry publications, including Vogue US, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue Italia, Forbes, The L.A Times among others.