Cameron Lee Phan Cameron Lee Phan

Cameron Lee Phan


Cameron Lee Phan Cameron Lee Phan

I want to denormalize...

The rules of gender and gender conformity. Every person should have the right to gracefully express themselves with honesty and pride. They should be able to shift around on any part of the spectrum and be respected just the same. If you believe in souls, we're all developing, and we're all genderless anyway.


I want to normalize...

The validity of gender non-conformity at any age, but especially in childhood. Children should feel the most free to express themselves however they see fit. I feel that so many people on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum are forced to undergo the journey of identity through their teens and adulthood due to the suppression of their identity in their younger years. We should normalize these natural curiosities in loving and supportive ways.


Cameron Lee Phan is...

My name is Cameron Lee Phan. I live in New York City by way of Texas. I am a queer, Vietnamese American and I explore and express my world through photography and writing. / @cameronleephan